About Us



Manisha Dinna

Counselling Psychologist

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (UP), Bachelor of Social Sciences (HONS)(UP), MA (Counselling Psychology) (UP)


Languages : English


I help guide individuals towards discovering their true nature, restoring balance and ultimately embracing their own self-worth. I understand that when people struggle with weight issues, depression, anxiety or other emotional issues the path can be a difficult one. When people are disconnected from who they are and their purpose in life it can significantly affect many areas of their lives.


The work I was born to do …


It was because of my own journey through challenges, wanting to find answers to the purpose of my own life and weight loss struggles that I discovered how the power of therapy could create positive change from within. Passionately following work that feel like my soul’s calling, I want to help individuals towards making a shift of their own and improving their lives from within themselves.


Psychology was one of my first loves, and I knew I wanted to be involved in the study of human behaviour from a young age. It stemmed from my interest in human behaviour and wanting to better understand what accounted for people's behaviour. I have practiced as a Counselling psychologist for 15 years both in corporate and private practice settings. In addition, I am a Reiki Practitioner and have knowledge in nutrition and health where I focus on restoring balance by nourishing body, mind and spirit. I also recognize the power of practicing mindfulness and currently bring that into sessions for an integrative approach.


I believe your issues and the way you relate to others are important.  In your sessions, you will be given the opportunity to fully express yourself and feel heard.  I see therapy as a collaborative process and it is imperative, your therapy sessions are a safe place favourable to understanding, healing and growth.  In your therapy I will utilise traditional talk therapy (Solution focused and Cognitive behavioural therapy) which may also be combined with other modalities, such as guided imagery,


meditation, coaching, journaling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy) or recommendations for alternative body work treatment.




My areas of interest include

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Weight loss and weight management

• Stress and Burnout

• Life Purpose and Spirituality

I offer the following services

• Long term and short-term Individual Psychotherapy

• Support groups (Weight management and emotional eating)

• Corporate Assessments- Selection and Development

• Corporate wellness interventions

Therapy isn’t always easy especially when it involves weight loss and emotional problems, as most people have a tendency to want a “quick fix”. The individuals who work with me need to be motivated to take this journey, who are willing to get their hands dirty at times and work hard together in the process towards change and transformation.