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Jeanette Masina

Social Worker/ Sleep and Fatigue Therapist

Qualifications: • BA (HONS) Social Work (WITS), Professional Affiliations SACSSP 10-21063 BHF Practice Number 0661147, Fatigue Consultant (BSS-AFRICA)


Languages : English; IsiZulu; Sepedi; Sesotho; Setswana.


With over 20 years’ experience in the field of Social Work, Jeanette is a highly passionate, energetic and compassionate Professional who thoroughly enjoys working with individuals and couples on love relationship matters.


Other areas of my expertise are Sleep Therapy and Fatigue Management. I render sleep therapy sessions to assist individuals to enjoy organic sleep that shows good quality and quantity. For patient taking sleep medication focus on weaning off because in most cases sleep medication poses challenges of physical and psychological dependence and other serious side effects.


The primary aim of my work is to ALWAYS create a safe environment that enables, empowers and propels individuals to be activate participants in navigating through their life challenges and attaining long lasting solutions to promote growth and holistic state of well-being.


My journey started in the year 2000 at Family Life Centre as a Community Social Worker; facilitating life skills programmes in schools, providing individual, couple and family counselling services. I truly believe my love and passion for couple therapy was birthed at Family Life Centre, and so was my keen interest on work with teenagers.


From 2002-2009 I considered acquiring further skills and broadening my knowledge on the International space, hence my decision to practice Social Work in London, United Kingdom. My focus area was supporting families presenting with complex needs, the experience that deepened my understanding of family dynamics, which to date guide my family therapy intervention work.

During the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 I worked as the National Coordinator for the Redlight Campaign on Human Trafficking under the Umbrella of Johannesburg Child Welfare/Oxfam Great Britain. I was supporting partner organisations based in South African and SADC region with campaign planning, delivery, implementation and monitoring of activities. In this role I referenced largely to the rich experience of working with victims of Human Trafficking, children and young people in the United Kingdom.

From 2013 I started work in Employee Wellness field as Telephone Clinician and Client Relations Consultant and Therapist. This afforded me an opportunity to gain diverse skills and experience in dealing with challenges impacting on employees work performance, concentration and productivity levels. To date I actively support employees going through work stress, fatigue and burnout.

I gained Fatigue Consultant qualification in 2017 through BSS (Africa) where I currently work as a Consultant rendering trainings various sectors but largely in the South African Mines. At Meriting complete Sleep Assessments and Sleep Therapy Sessions using the Cognitive Behavioural Approach.



I offer the following SERVICES

  • Individual, Couple and Family counselling
  • Sleep Therapy
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Therapy for Adolescents
  • Trauma debriefings (individuals and groups)
  • Change Management (Individuals going through Life transitions)
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Parental Guidance