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Jeanette Masina

Social Worker/ Fatigue Specialist

Qualifications: BA (HONS) Social Work (WITS), Fatigue Specialist (BSS-AFRICA)


Languages : English; IsiZulu; Sepedi; Sesotho; Setswana.


My journey started in 2000 at Family Life Centre as a Community Social Worker responsible for facilitating life skills programmes in schools, providing individual, couple and family counselling services. Other duties included facilitating parenting workshops, behaviour modification groups, training and supervision of peer counsellors.


From 2002-2009 I worked in London, United Kingdom undertaking and completing British Association of Adoption and Fostering Form F Assessments for various local authorities and Independent Fostering Providers. I also provided intensive, time limited work with children/young people and their families with complex, cross cutting needs, using a range of Intervention methods. Other areas of work included supporting victims of Human Trafficking, children and young people in particular. During the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 I worked as the National Coordinator for the Redlight Campaign on Human Trafficking under the Umbrella of Johannesburg Child Welfare/Oxfam Great Britain.  I was supporting partner organisations based in South African and SADC region with campaign planning, delivery, implementation and monitoring of activities.


From 2011-2013 I took a career break to focus on family responsibilities. I resumed work within Employee Wellness field in various positions including Telephone Clinician and Client Relations Consultant. This afforded me an opportunity to gain diverse skills and experience. I gained Fatigue Specialist qualification through BSS Africa where I currently work as a Consultant. I work primarily in Private Practice with individuals, couple and families experiencing emotional distress and other life challenges.


I believe that with appropriate care and support; including a multi-disciplinary approach people are able to turn over a new leaf of their lives.



I offer the following SERVICES

  • Fatigue Management-I assist individuals experiencing sleep challenges.
  • Individual, Couple and Family counselling
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Trauma debriefings (individuals and groups)
  • Change Management (Individuals going through Life transitions)
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Stress Management